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As an A&R truck driver, you’ll be backed by a solid, stable company with an impressive record in the trucking industry. As the number-one dry-bulk carrier in the plastics industry, A&R leads the way in our dedication to the safety and success of each employee. When you choose to join us, you’ll be working alongside an elite team of hard-working men and women who’ve built a reputation for excellence among the multinational firms we serve in the chemical and plastic industries.

We maintain a fleet of 1,000 trucks and 1,650 trailers, with an extensive network of 27 terminals and 19 warehousing/packaging facilities nationwide. We’re continually investing in the technology and training needed to maintain a superior level of service, staying far ahead of the industry curve.

We’ll also stand behind you with a pledge to maintain the highest standards in trucking for our four core values: Safety, Quality, Integrity and Respect. That’s the way we do business. And that’s how we earned a reputation for always doing it right.

We're On A Roll

Attracting the Industry's Best Drivers With The Industry's Best Incentives.

As the nation's largest bulk-transport company, we're pulling out all the stops to attracting the best, safest drivers. Over the past nine months, we've boosted pay by 10 percent, adding an extra week of vacation and more home time. We're also investing $10 million for new trucks and fleet upgrades. And we're just getting started.

  • Out-and-back dispatching
  • Two consecutive years of 10% wage increases
  • No increase in insurance costs
  • Upgraded driver lounges and shower facilities
  • New Peterbilt tractors
  • Refurbished tractors
  • Free satellite radio

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